If you work for a University anywhere around the world, you can enjoy       10 % off your stay at “Les Vacances” (hope you have a sense of humor, too, see featured picture!)

Contact Marie-B at tournesol24@gmail.com  for more details and/or check ‘Book Now’ page for ways of getting your estimate, and I’ll confirm your quote with your discount.

Fun stuff:  At Passy and in the surrounding villages, we hold regular talks over a scientific topic, an open discussion with a visiting scientist on their research, while enjoying local wines and cheeses… Our gatherings are called ‘The Folding Chairs‘ (as we may have to bring our chairs, not because we want the Chair to fold, haha)…. 

Should you want to be our ‘scientist in residence’, we’d be thrilled to hear about your research! In English or in French…many of us  in the area can manage both.