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France by a native.
Zee good, zee bad, and zee funny.

About the Author

Finally! A chance to shamelessly indulge in my narcissistic tendencies! It’s about time.  Shall I say I have been dreaming of becoming a writer since childhood? Or that the world would be much a better place with a fascinating blog like Le Shrug? That the many admirers of my talented writing have twisted my arm to force me into this? That a compelling force to write gets me out of bed every morning? But no.

My motivations, I am afraid,  although not totally lackluster, are possibly trivial. Not only are writers with twisted arms liars (just try it),  but, given the chance, I would always choose not to get out of bed. Except maybe to open my front door to a hunk ringing to take me back to it. My bed.

After some years of travelling, I have come to realise that my home country is decidedly quite amazing. Not that we, zee French, are perfect. You will learn the whole horrible truth about us soon enough. France is not only really beautiful and blessed with a huge variety of landscapes and climates and architectural wonders…. but we have managed to preserve, and even revive a lot of our traditions, culinary or else. Wherever you are, there is always so much to do and see. Visiting different regions and provinces and getting a taste of France is one of my passions. Even more so because eating in bed is always an  option.

To quote Winston Churchill (more or less) ““The greatest lesson in life is to know that even the French are right sometimes.”

Sharing. This is what this blog is about. Bringing you to enjoy and understand France better, see beyond the obvious, and overall, I hope, have a giggle!

If you are eager to know more about the author of this blog… just read it! Along the way you will learn of the loose life I lead under literary pretense, and detect my neuroses more surely than if you were a shrink.

Now, for the gentlemen. Should you be a bachelor, good-looking and fairly smart (I know about managing my expectations) … be aware that the enchanting, soon-to-be enormously famous author of this blog is also single and can cook a mean Boeuf Bourguignon. Just sayin’.