“Dreams come one size too big so you can  grow into them”


Born and bred in Burgundy, I work in Paris. Apart from toiling in a (nice) office to bring back the bacon and the Burgundy beef, I blog,  in English and French. Check out my humorous chronicles of life in France on ‘Le Shrug’ section of this website. Beware, they are not for the faint of heart.

After many years spent travelling and living abroad, I found that, as they say, “there is no better place than home”….

Les Vacances” is my private countryhome, a lovely holiday retreat near one of Burgundy’s most desirable location, Cluny.  This is why you will find it comfortable and cosy, rather than too impersonal. It is also constantly improved.

Welcoming you to Burgundy is my way of fulfilling my need to share. This has been a constant driving force in my life, and I felt than “building” on it, literally, was a powerful vehicle for happiness.

Les Vacances” welcomes guests on vacation, all year round, in the upstairs apartment.  For a few days or for as much as several months. Off-season (peak season is May to October), I am launching the ‘Folding Chairs‘… a weekly gathering of friends and neighbours around a visiting scientist for a discussion on research…

I bought the house in July 2017, and renovated the first part, so as to welcome you as soon as possible.

Interested in the renovation process? Look at some of the pictures here.